Casanis Marbella


Casanis has several spaces, each with a particular ambience, to find the perfect spot to enjoy your dinner.

These areas are: Main room, inner patio, terrace, mono (reserved), room (reserved) and wine cellar (reserved).

Casanis - MAIN ROOM
Our main indoor space, decorated in an unique style that creates an intimate, relaxedand cozy ambience.

Also has a bar next to the entrance, perfect for enjoying a snack befor your meal.
Casanis - MONO
Located on the top floor, the Mono reserved is a real marvel for the senses. The decoration takes you to a cabin in a fantasy jungle, where trees and wildlife are on every nook and corner.

The wooden beams in the ceiling and the fireplace are the final touch to the rustic style that makes this room so special.
Casanis - LA MESA
Across the street from Casanis, we find our reserved room La Mesa, perfecta for that special dinner with friends that requires an extra of privacy.

An intimate setting with an spectacular view of Calle Ancha.
Casanis - LA BODEGA
We have tuned our wine cellar into a reserved space, ideal for a group of friends that want to gather around the table and share a glass of good wine.
This outdoor space has three tables, lit by candles, hanging lamps and the clarity of the starred sky and the moon.

A magic place that also has direct view over the kitchen, where you can watch our cooks at work.
Casanis - TERRACE
Calle Ancha is a beautiful scenery in itself no which we have set out terrace.

The Old Town charm makes our terrace the favourite spot of Casanis guests during the summer.